Teavana Perfectea Maker Video Review

December 1, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Teavana

Teavana's Perfectea Maker


There are many solutions for steeping loose leaf tea, from a simple tea ball to the automated Breville Tea Maker. A tea ball is the traditional way, although it has its disadvantages when it comes to cleaning, steeping larger leaf teas, and resteeping. While convenient, automated tea makers are pricey and usually only very committed tea drinkers or those with extra cash to spend can justify the investment. At under $25 (or less if you catch it on sale), Teavana’s Perfectea Maker is an excellent go-between.

Only something designed by other loose leaf tea drinkers, who understand our needs, could simplify the tea brewing process in the way this product does it. The Perfectea Maker works wonders for steeping large leaf teas, resteeping, storing, and even hassle-free cleaning. Even those with automated tea makers would benefit from having one of these in their cupboard if they work outside of home and want to brew tea at work.

Steeping with Teavana's Perfectea MakerThe Perfectea Maker works by draining the tea out from the bottom of the device through a valve that is triggered when you set it on top of your tea cup. There is a mesh netting in the bottom that keeps the tea from getting into your cup. There is no need for a tea ball or separate device to steep your tea. Simply just drop the tea leaves inside the container and poor hot water inside to steep. When the time is up, set it on your tea cup. Just make sure the cup is large enough to hold the amount of tea you brewed, or have another cup ready. Most versions of the tea maker are 16 oz, but it is also available in a 32 oz version. It comes in a variety of colors, and while the standard version is a robust plastic, you can also purchase a glass version of the Perfectea Maker.


Perfectea Maker Ready to Steep

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