Tea Genie Revamped: Major Tea Search Enhancements

July 28, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Tea Genie

A couple years ago, we created Tea Genie, a tea search engine that enables anyone and everyone to search for tea based on their own specific preferences. The concept was good, but the search experience was a bit intimidating. There were over 100 check boxes to click based on flavors, health benefits, type, and other characteristics. Now, we are much closer to our vision, with the ability to simply type in what you want into a search bar. If you need help or guidance, we have kept that into consideration as well by adding an assisted search function underneath the search bar. The tea search engine features teas from a variety of popular tea companies, and we are continuously adding more teas! The simplicity of use and accuracy matching teas to your search will surely surprise you! Give it a try today at TeaGenie.net and please share your experience with us. Let us know on Facebook!

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Remember to select from the suggested options when typing in the search bar (See example on website)!